The Hand Off

This piece incorporates Adobe Photoshop, photography, Macromedia Flash and embroidery. URECA Honorable Mention recipient, 2008.
Here’s a piece I drew in 2005, but updated it. It’s a Flash movie, about two and a half minutes long.

  1. First I took a picture of a canvas.
  2. Then I overlayed the drawing on the canvas in Photoshop.
  3. Then I painted the picture in with my opacity set such that the paint looked like it was being absorbed by the canvas.
  4. Then I embroidered a few stitches and photographed those.
  5. Then I made them all designy in Photoshop as to create a landscape.
  6. I placed the landscape behind the people.
  7. Then I exported two layers from Photoshop: (1) the background, and (2) the people.
  8. I made a Flash movie with the two components moving at different rates.
  9. Ta da!
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