Brown Socks for Brian

Brown Socks

Finally. These are Brown Socks for my husband Brian. Brian is not my real husband, but we were lab partners once and people (Lauren) told us we were like Lucy and Ricky.

Brian saw me knittng my toe-up Jaywalkers during many of the thousands of credits we were taking together this past fall. I offered to make him socks and he and his size 13 feet took me up on it! His only request was that they should be brown. Immediately, the Diamond Waffle pattern sprang to mind, as I’d been wanting to knit it for someone since I saw it.

My gauge was so ridiculously off and this pattern was so very specific that I just used the Universal Toe Up Pattern and put in the diamond waffle. I appreciate very specific patterns in the sense that they read like lab manuals, but at the same time I end up stripping them down to just what I need. I don’t think I should do that because I don’t learn or challenge myself that way.

These socks were modeled in 1-litre and 20-ounce Dasani bottles because I have nowhere near the size feet required to model these, no matter how many socks I pile on. From some angles, they look like real feet. In fact, I could not fathom such a size’s dimensions and I used this tool to give me an estimate. It was very useful, though I found that when I apply it to my own feet, the figures are a little on the low side.

In the end they fit, and Brian wore them last Thursday. The diamond waffle pattern doesn’t show up so well in the photos, but he showed them to mutual friend and the friend told me that he dug the diamond pattern (HE NOTICED!) so it does!

Brown Socks
Dasani feet.

Brown Socks
They almost look like real feet.

Brown Socks

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