Tasty Stacks

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This past weekend I gave my first talk, Tasty Stacks, at !!Con hosted at Hacker School in New York. Tasty Stacks is about lexical gustatory synesthesia, and how it affects me as a developer. It’s about how the current ecosystem of development tools and processes tastes to me.

Chloe's Famous Granola

Anyway, granola. It is so natural and good for you, so why not do it up right and make your own. I adapted this recipe from Passionate About Baking. I’m sorry there are no photos, but I’m at an inflection point and I don’t own anything right now.

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Mama Chloe's Pizza

Man oh man. I used to feel so sure of myself because I had like a WEBSITE that I updated with stories and things that I made, and I felt like I enjoyed writing. The primary reason I started even keeping a personal website really was because of the blogs of writers I admired, like Todd Levin and…
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Warning: May Contain Nuts

I made a large batch of over 300 lollipops for the attendees of Build this year and they were so much fun! A few people expressed interest in how they were made, so here’s a brief overview of what I found interesting. I started with nylon hex nuts which can be bought at any hardware store. Metal…
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I taste words.

I’ve wanted to write about my synesthesia for a while. People are curious when they learn that I experience lexical-gustatory synesthesia, which means I associate words with flavors and textures of foods (and sometimes non-food items) that can vividly be felt. Unfortunately, I’m afraid…
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Mama Chloe's Authentic Pizza Suprema

Portland’s Oven & Shaker is the best. They have my favorite cocktail, my favorite charcuterie and my favorite pizza. They’re located a convenient six-block walk from my apartment, but I prefer to reserve eating out for special occasions. I’ve had a few of their pizzas but my…
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