Self Portrait

2013, charcoal, 5x8”, 45 minutes This is my first self portrait in five years, and my first time picking up a pencil since 2010. Based on your own aptitude at sketching, this may either sound like an excuse or bragging, so let’s interpret it as both. I’m surprised that I could do even…
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2010 Sketchpad

Selections from my 2010 sketchpad.

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Jewelry Weird Science

On the left: two of the same necklace from Forever 21; they cost $1.50 each. On the right: Orphaned earrings :( Reaction Mechanism. On the left: Two new necklaces! On the right: Adorable new earrings! Materials: Tweezers and two tiny jump rings (from other lone earrings) so that the earrings dangle…
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Sequined Bowtie For a Cat

This past weekend I threw an Anniversary Party celebrating my first year in Portland. It was important to me that my cat, Face, outdressed all my guests, and thus I had to make him a sequined bowtie. Ideally the sequins would have been silver or black to match his coat, but red was my only option;…

Breakfast with Al Pacino

Breakfast with Al Pacino is a short film I did for a class. It’s about a woman and her special relationship with Al Pacino. It’s my first short.
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Bears on Swings

Bears on Swings is a celebration of the springtime depicted through nature’s most notorious hibernators: bears. The work is comprised of approximately thirty hand-knit stuffed bears suspended by swings from the trees which line the academic mall. “Bears on Swings” is a public art…

The Hand Off

This piece incorporates Adobe Photoshop, photography, Macromedia Flash and embroidery. URECA Honorable Mention recipient, 2008. Here’s a piece I drew in 2005, but updated it. It’s a Flash movie, about two and a half minutes long. First I took a picture of a canvas. Then I overlayed the…
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Star of David

Welded steel. From a frontal view, this sculpture resembles the Star of David. Rotation around the sculpture abstracts the form. Conversely, it’s an abstract sculpture that just so happens to look like the star of David from only two points of view. 5’ tall x 5’ wide x 9”…
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Women and Children

Welded steel juxtaposing objects that appeal to women and children. 2007 LICA Honorable Mention recipient. Provost’s Purchase Award, Stony Brook, NY.
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Professor Mural

Over a summer-long Organic Chemistry intensive, I sneaked into our classroom the night before class and drew a blackboard-sized portrait of the professor in pastel, guerilla-style. The portrait is a few feet tall.
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About a Married Man

Outdoor installation featuring a cement cast of two large “wedding” rings epoxied around two trees diverging from the same spot in the ground. The initials of myself are cast into one ring and the initials of a secret male are cast into the other.

Call Your Mom

“Call Your Mom” is a public installation I did on the Stony Brook Campus for Unbound, which is part of the Shirley Strum Kenny Art Festival. I constructed 45 small ramekin cakes out of felt and hung these from the lower branches from a single tree on campus, located outside the south…

2006 Sketchpad

Selections from my 2006 sketchpad.

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Fourth of July

A Flash movie set to music

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2004-2005 Sketchpad

Selections from my 2004-2005 sketchpad.

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2002 Sketchpad

Selections from my 2002 sketchpad.

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2001 Sketchpad

Selections from my 2001 sketchpad.

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