Bears on Swings

Bears on Swings is a celebration of the springtime depicted through nature’s most notorious hibernators: bears. The work is comprised of approximately thirty hand-knit stuffed bears suspended by swings from the trees which line the academic mall.

“Bears on Swings” is a public art installation I did as part of UNBOUND, for our school’s art festival, UNBOUND, which I co-curated with my best friend James Pearson, enables students to take their works out of the gallery and studio and place them in a public setting. I built the website and narrated our podcast which James composed. It’s good! I participated last year with my piece, “Call Your Mom” and co-curating with James was great.

I simplified Vanessa Carter’s Bubby pattern and used size 8 needles and a lot of the acrylic yarn I had from when I was learning how to knit. Into each swing, which I built in our woodshop, I nailed a large nail in order for the bears to have something to sit on and hold them upright. Another successful adorable work!